Why Can’t Cuba Status Quo Advocates Just Tell The Truth? (Pt. 2)


Ric Herrero


Jun 20, 2014

Earlier today on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, former Congressman and Cuba status quo advocate Lincoln Diaz-Balart attempted to attack this week’s FIU poll showing a majority of Cuban-Americans in Miami-Dade support an overhaul of US-Cuba policy. Unfortunately for Diaz-Balart, he only embarrassed himself on national television by repeating retracted reporting and other falsehoods to make his point.

At the top of the interview, Diaz-Balart criticized the poll’s methodology, even though the truth is the methodology for this ongoing poll has been the same since it was first conducted in 1991. In earlier years, Diaz-Balart touted the poll’s findings as proof that the Cuban-American community stood united behind hardline Cuba policy. The community has since moved on, a trend reflected in every poll since that first one, but to no one’s surprise, Diaz-Balart remains stuck in the 20th century.   Sigue leyendo