The Cuban emigration today and on the eve of January 14th (#Cuba) (+Video)


By Maria Antonia Garcia Alonso

Drafting Nuevodebatecuba

migracion-cubaOn October 16 the Cuban press published in different media, great news awaited by all Cubans: “Cuba update its immigration policy.”

In the Official Gazette of the Republic issued Decree of the State Council Act amending the current Migration Act. These amendments will enter into force next January 14, 2013, now only require presentation of passport and visa updated stream of the destination country, where the same is required to leave the country. Also decided to extend to 24 months the stay abroad in Cuba residents traveling on private affairs, counted from the date of departure. The emigrants have all facilities for traveling to our country.

No doubt a major event in the social and political events of the Cuban society, in light of the new changes taking place in the country.

Updating immigration policy has taken into account the state’s right to defend Cuban interventionist and subversive plans of the U.S. government and its allies. Be maintained to safeguard the human capital created by the Cuban social project from theft of brain that apply rich and powerful over the poor countries, there are irrefutable facts and evidence supporting these measures, any state in the place of Cuba I had, so I approve.

Notice that Cuba currently has 136 consular offices in the world, covering virtually the main settlements of Cubans around the planet, and its main missions is just paying attention, care and quality service providing increasingly efficient to Cuban immigrants, thus updating the immigration policy charges an undeniable importance for all Cubans.

It is necessary to note also that in 2011 traveled to Cuba around 400,000 Cubans living abroad, of whom nearly 300,000 from the United States, such as in the United States are wrongly called refugees, are quite simply Cuban citizens residing, for one reason or another, in this country and they assume a different position to the extreme right folds based in Miami. Cuban migration today is economic, not political.

Cubans are maintaining a link to their nation, to their country, with the social project and so majority are opposed to measures of hostility that kept the United States. I think these measures benefit sharing growing sectors with the majority of the population favoring family ties and respect for their country and its people.

Cuban immigrants applaud the new immigration measures announced by the Cuban state, they do not establish an isolated and superficial sit opposite irreversible step in the normalization of relations with their country of emigration. The vast majority of Cubans settled in more than 150 countries maintain stable relations with their country and with their families, oppose and do not want to lock the application of a policy of aggression against his country of origin, that is the reality.

Nuevodebatecuba the voice of Maria Antonia Garcia Alonso, considers transcribe the words of Cuban President in the farewell to His Holiness Benedict XVI on March 28, 2012:

“We recognize the patriotic contribution of Cuban migration from a decisive contribution to our independence from the tobacco of Tampa and Key West and all who were supportive of the aspirations of José Martí, even those who now oppose those who attack Cuba and manipulate the immigration issue for political purposes. We conducted prolonged efforts towards full normalization of relations between Cuba and their emigration to feel love for the country and for their families and persist in it by the common will of our Nation. ”



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